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As industry leaders in branded USB Flash Drives we get to speak to hundreds of customers each day. As you would expect, we’re asked lots of questions about our different USB models, accessories and value added services like data preloading. However, the number one question by far is “how much data can a USB Flash Drive hold?”

The short answer is, a lot! The longer answer is that it depends on which capacity you choose. We currently offer 6 different capacity options to suit all needs: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. The higher the capacity the more data it can store.

Below is a simple infographic giving an indication of how many photos, songs and movies each capacity can store.

 Note: For the illustration above it is assumed the average photo size is 2MB, the average MP3 size is 4MB and the average video size is 500MB.

As you can see, the 2GB option is sufficient for a light to moderate user. At the other end of the scale, the 64GB is perfect for someone looking to store a huge library of images, music and video files on their portable USB Flash Drive.

Our advice is to always buy one size larger than what you think you’ll need. As with many things in life, you’ll usually grow into it! Plus, the lucky recipients of your customised USB Flash Drives will get the benefit of the drives for longer and will see your logo or other branding every time they use them.

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Chris , Flashbay | 07 Feb, 2022
Hi Breanna,

Thanks for getting in touch.

An Account Manager will be in contact with you shortly.

Many thanks,

Chris at Flashbay
Breanna , Soroptimist | 06 Feb, 2022
We are a non profit organization planning a summit to educate the public about human trafficking
 We want to provide a USB for several PowerPoint and resources looking at 2gb to 4gb. For 200 guests.
Chris , Flashbay | 10 Dec, 2021
Hi John,

Thanks for your question.

We would suggest a 128GB Flash Drive.


Chris at Flashbay
John Trexler | 09 Dec, 2021
I have 54 old cassettes I would like to convert, what size USB drive will I need? Thanks
Chris , Flashbay | 15 Sep, 2021
Hi Hunter,

Thanks for your question.

We would recommend either a 4GB or 8GB Flash Drive. The 8GB will obviously give you some extra space, should you need it in the future. 

Many thanks,

Chris at Flashbay
Hunter | 14 Sep, 2021
Which model of thumb drive would I need to transfer the contents of 5 audiobook CD? Thank you.
Chris , Flashbay | 17 Jun, 2021
Hi Pamela,

Thanks for your question.

6 hours of cassette tape audio would equate to a file size of between 3GB - 4GB.

There are convertor options out there that we're not affiliated with, so we cannot vouch for their quality. Some convertors will transfer the audio file directly to your computer, and then you can transfer from there to a Flash Drive. Other convertors have a USB port that can copy the audio directly to the Flash Drive.

I hope this helps answer your question.

Many thanks,

Chris at Flashbay
Pamela Blithe | 17 Jun, 2021
I would like to copy 6 hours of cassette tapes of my grandmother telling her life story. What size flash drive do I need to accommodate 6 hours of audio? Is there a cassette player that will transfer directly from cassette to the flash drive?  Then the flash drives can be used in any computer USB port?  Thanks for your help.  Pamela
Chris , Flashbay | 29 Jan, 2021
Hi Phillip,

Thanks for your question. 

Depending on the make and model, you should be able to save apps from your computer to your Flash Drive, assuming there is enough available space to accommodate this. It's best to check the manufacture's website for confirmation of this. 

Many thanks,

Chris at Flashbay
Phillip Harris | 28 Jan, 2021
I know usb drives are used for folders but can a usb drive hold accounts and apps from computers
Chris , Flashbay | 21 Apr, 2020
Hi Karen,

Thanks for your message.

We'll be in contact shortly regarding prices and branding options.

Many thanks,

Chris at Flashbay
Karen Mason, Missouri ACTE | 21 Apr, 2020
We are considering getting a flash drive for all our conference attendees we would need approximately 1200 and I would like to see the pricing for 4 gb and 8 gb etc.
Chris , Flashbay | 07 May, 2019

Thanks for getting in touch.

An Account Manager will be in contact shortly regarding prices and branding options.

Many thanks,

Chris at Flashbay
LaToya Blayz | 06 May, 2019
Hello would like a quote for quantity of 50 and a quantity for 100 2 Gb please include front and back.
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