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Blog Tie Clip Style USB Flash Drive, we call it the 'Tie USB'

The power of understatement is often under appreciated and we like to think that our new product, the 'Tie Series', is the master of understatement when it comes to USB Flash Drives.

The stunningly simple design appears to observers to be a normal tie clip and if that’s all it was, it would still look great. But the real power of the Tie Series is hidden from view behind the tie – a USB Flash Drive in any capacity you may wish for.

Without even needing to remove the Tie Series from your tie the USB Flash Drive can be detached and used just like any other Flash Drive. When you’re finished, simply re-attach the drive to the tie clip and you’re done.

Yes, we know not everybody wears a tie, but many of the smartest folk about town do. I was speaking to a long-term customer the other day, a genuine marketing hot-shot for a magic circle law firm, who told me that the "best corporate gifts are novel, useful, high quality, and never mundane". After seeing a sample of the Tie Series she just ordered 2000 laser engraved with their firm's logo and web address for client Christmas gifts, so I guess it hit the right note.

The Tie Series USB flash product represents just one of the ways that Flashbay is continuing to innovate and advance the design of USB Flash Drives. Rather than focus on useless gimmicks we like to produce products that you and your customers actually find interesting and useful.

Laser Engraved USB Tie Clips

Body available in standard colours or pantone matched to your choice

flashbay Author: Sam Sanchez
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Steward , vodafone | 15 Oct, 2010
This stick is kind of mutli-talented. We didn't use them as tie clips, but attached them to our company brochures. Worked out great!
Holly Carney, Holly Matrimony Weddings | 15 Feb, 2014
and they have been discontinued unfortunately... 
was planning to use them with my pocket folders!
Monica , Flashbay | 17 Feb, 2014
Hi Holly,

We made some changes to our product range this year to make room for newer models – but we have the Clip USB, which is perfect to use with pocket folders and brochures. You should go on our website and check them out!

Emma Pardoe | 29 Oct, 2016
Hi, I have looked for this product worldwide, as a gift for my husband. I can only find wholesale numbe orders. I am simply looking to purchase one of the flash drive tie pins as a gift, therefore only require one. I'd this something you may be able to do?
I look forward to your reply.
Many thanks in advance
Emma Pardoe.
Chris , Flashbay | 31 Oct, 2016
Hi Emma,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Unfortunately we discontinued this model some years ago. We're also a Business to Business supplier so our minimum order quantity is at least 25 units.

Best of luck with your search.

Many thanks,

Chris at Flashbay
Brenda Kapicka, HMESales | 17 Nov, 2016
would like to order 50 Laser Engraved USB Tie Clips. 25 with HMESales and 25 with MODTec.

Can you please send me a qoute?
Chris , Flashbay | 18 Nov, 2016
Hi Brenda,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Our Tie model was discontinued some years ago. However, we have many other great models to choose from. You can view our range via the link below and also request a Quote via the 'Quick Quote' button. A dedicated Account Manager will then be in touch as soon as possible.

Many thanks,

Chris at Flashbay
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